Wooden Hope Chest Design Idea


Wooden hope chest is one of the most versatile furniture and decorative accessories in the home. The chameleonic properties that their materials give them (they are generally made in all kinds of woods). And, above all, their peculiar and aesthetic design, in most cases rectangular. Exponentially increases their ability to decorate the house with style in practically all the stays. The wooden trunks are the most common in the houses. Although there are also many made in combination with other materials. Such as wicker and being a type of trunk that is made in a traditional way it should be added that its price is usually quite high.

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These cedar hope chests stand out for their high versatility in the decoration of the house. Both in loose pieces and through beautiful sets of two and three pieces, you can use them too. With a little creativity and imagination, like coffee tables, bedside tables or even as stools and footboards. Your imagination and creativity are your best allies to give wooden hope chest endless uses inside the house. And, it offering another ample storage space to store clothes, magazines and photo albums. Or even toys (a resource increasingly used in the game room or in the children’s bedroom), a trunk can also act. For example, as a beautiful coffee table, adding a rustic yet vintage touch to your living room.

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Despite how expensive solid wood cedar chest maybe. Depending on its size, we have to say that wooden trunks are not only very functional. They allow you to keep everything and be protected from the cold or heat. But also have a decorative style more than obvious. The wood that is usually used when making trunks is that of pine. Since it is quite resistant to the passage of time and we also have to say that it is very moldable and we can give it any shape.

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So it is ideal for this type of furniture is manufactured which is usually large. In the market there are wooden trunks that can be of different sizes. So you can fit them in any environment, plus you can choose it only in smooth wood. Or with some detail or motif embedded. One of the best things that wooden trunks have is that they are very resistant to the passage of time. And that also everything you keep inside will be superbly protected from the weather, whether it is very cold or very hot.


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