Wood I Beam Supporting Structural Installations


Installing wood i beam is not a do-it-yourself task. All structural beams which can be very heavy and which play an important role in supporting your home must be installed by a structural engineer and contractors. However, installing an imitation wood beam is a do-it-yourself job and one that can be completed in just one weekend. The imitation wood crossbars will create the same look and feel and give the room the same feel like a real one. While reducing the chances of structural damage and body damage. Imitation wooden beams can cost less, too. Wooden beams in a home can give your decor a rustic touch by bringing outdoor elements indoors. The beams can be fixed to the ceiling of architectural interest. In many houses with high ceilings and joists run across the room. Leaving a beam that is exposed on all four sides ideal for decorating.

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There are many decorating solutions if you want to hide the exposed beams in your home or accentuate them. Dye the wood to match the rest of the decoration of your home and give it a fresh look. Staining the wood i beam cost to match wood floors. For example, provides continuity from the bottom to the top of the house. Paint the wood in a color that matches the rest of your house if you do not like the look of the exposed beam. Beam paint will help integrate with the rest of the decoration throughout the house. Paint or burn a design stenciled on the beam to give it a bit of creative interest. You can make your own design or borrow a design template that can be found at any craft store.

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Hammer some nails into the beam and use them to hang objects that can be heard in the rustic atmosphere of the house. If the beam is in the kitchen, you can hang old cast iron pans, baskets or metal coffee makers. A beam in the studio would be ideal for hanging rustic lanterns. Draped fabrics or old bedspread over the beam to help pull out the eyes towards the wood i joist and show off their best fabrics. Set 6 plants on the upper side of the beams if there is easy access for watering the plants. A beam of light can be the ideal place to show plants that spill over their containers and spread throughout the room. Install a lamp to fall below the beam and illuminate the room, as well as lightning.

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