What Is Wood Circle Cutter


Wood circle cutter – Cutting wooden circles and curved pieces is an operation that is carried out constantly in the different carpentry works. But only when a good assembly or device is made -either using the router. Or the endless saw- can the expected results be obtain. Before starting any cutting process, it is important to verify that the tool is well attached to the machine, only this way a safe process with good results is guarantee. Then, in the routers, a device like the one shown in Figure 9.1, which is made on a 10-mm board, is locate. The router is then firmly fix in the device and it is worth noting that the points mark on it are the centers of the circle to be processed and the distance indicated is the radius of the circle.

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A screw whose tip will penetrate the material. And whose neck must allow the free rotation of the device must go in these points. On the other hand, when the process is going to be carried out in an endless saw. It is necessary to make a montage like the one shown in figure 9.3. In this, it requires a slotted table that is usually integrated to the saw or that can be superimposed. The device is compose of a piece B, which is the support material for the work piece. And between which is located the piece A, the second component. It can be move to give the desire diameter in order to obtain the circle. And, finally, there is a stop so that the device can move until it is centered with the cutting point of the band saw.

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Wood circle cutter process consists in moving piece A. And fixing the pin at a distance from saw, equal to radius desired for the material. To then remove the table B and place the work piece on the pin of the piece A. Then, the table is placed in guide and with the machine running, table is traversed to point of the stop. It must allow it to be in line with the tape. In this way, the turning of piece begins to give desire circular shape. It is important to explain in detail, the parts that make up the assembly. The piece A, which is seen in Figure 9.5, is a slide that has a pin that is use as the center of the circle to be processed. And also has a countersunk screw. And a nut that can be moved over piece B to adjust the desired diameter.

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