Warmth Wood Slab Dining Table and Decoration


Wood slab dining table – Undoubtedly, the dining room is the room to which we pay more attention when renovating the decoration of our house. A space around which most of the daily activity of the home is organize. Here we propose a series of ideas to help you with decoration of dining room. Classic does not mean boring and much less old fashioned. The most iconic creations of furniture industry are once again a trend. And many designers and interior designers decidedly opt for them when choosing the dining room furniture. Let’s see the different combinations we can use to achieve the style we want. The sobriety and elegance of the steel contrasts with the warmth provide by the wood. You can opt for an industrial style betting on completely steel chairs. Or opting for the version with a wooden seat, if you want to make the whole more cozy.

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We will complete the set with a wood slab dining table. The choice of wood tone depends a lot on the brightness of the room. The light tones will help to soften the final result of the set. On the other hand, dark wood creates a perfect contrast with light walls and natural light. Undoubtedly, one of the trends par excellence is Scandi or Nordic style. You can combine soft tones like lavender or hazelnut for chairs, with dark woods to give prominence to the table. If you opt for more powerful colors in the seats, you must choose a natural tone for the table. The space does not have to be a burden for the decoration of the dining room. Choosing a glass table helps to reduce the visual “weight” of the set. And to highlight both the internal structure and the chairs.

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The color of the chair will depend a lot on your tastes. Luckily you have many colors to choose from. If you want to reduce the visual load to the limit, choose a wood slab dining table for the chairs. If design classics have anything, they adapt wonderfully to a multitude of styles. It is why they always remain among the prefer choices. In addition, they combine perfectly between them. Play with shapes and colors to achieve balance combinations, but above all to adapt the decoration of the dining room to your personal style. We hope you have liked our proposals for the decoration of the dining room. Dare and give a new look to this important space in your home.

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