Very Playful and Original Wooden Kitchen Utensils


Wooden kitchen utensils – When we think about a kitchen renovation, we often think of the appearance of the kitchen first. And even though it is of course important that we are enthusiastic about the appearance. The most important aspect is that it must be functional. Only in an orderly clean environment can we prepare those delicious meals. Sufficient and smartly arranged storage space is crucial in this. This gives you sufficient space for all your stuff. And you can also place everything (within arm’s reach) in the right place. Even if you only have a few square meters at your disposal. And to show that you can perfectly combine beauty and functionality in a kitchen. We present you today inspiring ideas to make your kitchen more beautiful, functional and more ordered!

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Regardless of the size of your kitchen, there is always a time when space is needed for extra items. And usually we have already fill everything up. In this case you can opt for custom-made furniture. This allows you to take full advantage of every corner or alcove. And fill it with clever, narrow, closed or open cupboard solutions with niches, racks and drawers. So that all your extra items can be stored again. There are people who cannot keep their stuff organize for a day or a couple of hours. Then special drawers in a cupboard are a godsend. You throw everything in and everything is store away from view. For example, you can label each tray with a label indicating which category items this tray contains. This way you can keep everything in order. And find your belongings easily when you need them.

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Sometimes a little creativity is enough. We see here a not too large kitchen. But where enough space was created for a narrow kitchen island supplemented with a workplace with cupboards and shelves that are characterized by a play of colors in black, white and egg yolk. Notice how all these boxes seem to float, which gives lightness to the room. The wooden kitchen utensils from the kitchen island and the workbench bring warmth and soften the colored elements. Do you like to have your recipes ready when you start cooking? Then this kitchen is ideal because you always have your cookbooks nearby. Or how about the open wooden cupboard above the kitchen cupboards? A few boards decorate your kitchen and you can place your loose items there. Not only cookbooks but also magazines, books or a notebook.

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