Using Your Brinkmann Smoker with an Extension Cord Holder


The Model extension cord holder does great work in terms of the quality of prints. You can make appetizing rib racks at Brinkmann and the chickens that come out of electric smokers are truly spectacular. These smokers are quite cheap, easy to use, and easier to maintain, and consistently get consumer reviews. However, they are not perfect. The Brinkmann electric smoker unit is equipped with a relatively short power cable. Most of us do not have an AC outlet near the location of the smoker we want, which can make it difficult to effectively position Brinkmann without the need to register professional electrician services or turn on the unit with an extension cable.

Of course, an extension cable will be a superior choice. Using cables is certainly cheaper than your patio cable for electricity and that will give you the flexibility this smoker doesn’t have from the box. Unfortunately, Brinkmann does not recommend the use of an extension cable. You explicitly recommend not using cables with the Brinkmann electric smoker. Does that mean it’s time to plug in wherever you can or that you need to start researching Yellow Pages for electricians? Not necessarily. Brinkmann may not recommend using an extension cable, but you can use it effectively. Here are some guidelines for use extension cord holder:

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Don’t Use Long Straps

The company has stated that those who use cables must avoid extensions of more than twelve feet. When you add twelve feet to the length of the unit cable, it must provide sufficient distance for most users. In addition, you only have to use a heavy duty cable. Don’t think of using cheap and thin indoor cables to run your smoker. You will want to invest in an extension that uses a twelve-meter wire.

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Second, your Brinkmann smoker needs all that electricity to produce good roasted meat. Thicker, minimum length cables will help you to avoid losing power from the outlet to the smoker itself. If you don’t get enough energy for your smoker, you won’t get the results you want. Your only way is to use a short range of heavy duty cables. Brinkmann might not like the idea of using an extension cable with his smoker, but you can do it. Be sure to use a good judgment in choosing your cable.

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