Understanding Base Cabinet Height


Respecting the ideal measures include the base cabinet height in kitchen decoration is important to maintain comfort and functionality. Whether in the circulation or in the furniture. They are not rigid measures, as they usually depend on who will use the space, who can be a person higher or lower. The intermediate measures may be used as a reference in the case of kitchens used by people with very different heights. Or also in situations where it is desired to maintain standardized base cabinet height. Which please the greatest number of people. The sizes of standard kitchen cabinets have evolved to give more functionality and safety.

Kitchen cabinets can basically be of three types: wall or overhead, floor and pantry cabinets. Sizes may vary in width. But there are patterns for heights and depths that ensure they will be functional and their contents accessible to all. The standard base cabinet height is between 85 and 90 cm. This ensures that a bench with the standard thickness brings the work surface up to a limit of between 90 cm and 95 cm. Most people can withstand a base of this height and work comfortably without stretching. The standard depth for base cabinets is 60 cm, which ensures that you can lower the sink or a cooktop inside the cabinets.

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Stoves and dishwashers are typically sized according to these standard measures as well. If you install a kitchen island, the standard size is the same as the standard measurements of the base cabinet. Remember that the height may be higher or lower depending on the average height of those who will work in the kitchen. Lower people (under 1.70 m may need heights ranging from 80 to 90 cm.) Meanwhile, the standard kitchen dimensions size of a cabinet for a microwave oven is 75 cm wide and 30 cm or 40 cm high. But some appliances come in different sizes and before you buy the cabinets. So, see the specification of the kitchen utensils.

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Top cabinets must always be offset from the front of the worktop. So as not to impede access and handling of food at the bottom. As the body is naturally and slightly inclined on the worktop when using it. Also, if they are too deep the back part is difficult to achieve. The ideal is therefore that they are at least 20 cm smaller than the lower cabinets. Which usually have 55 to 60 cm depth, in some exceptions. (Example: Use of lava and dries with front cabinet) can reach 65 cm to a 70 cm granite countertop.Dongardner com,

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