Types of Wood Slab Desk


Wood slab desk is good to have in your home or garage, where people can just stroll around, had a couple of drinks and sports watches. If you have a small kitchen, instead of adding a large dining table, you can build a bar table that can serve as an eating table. A bar table can also be placed in a corner of a family room for entertaining guests. With a little elbow grease, some household tools and a couple of pieces work you can complete this project in less than a week for those with basic carpentry skills

Proper table

Find a large piece of wood or metal for the top of the bar table. Find scrapping facilities or recycle an old door or furniture used as another type of table. Or have a piece of wood or metal custom cut. Choose a table top that is thick and powerful so that supports can be attached to the bottom and it is stable enough to hold drinks and allow people to lean against it. The table also should be heavy and still enough to support the top one. There are several ways to attach the base. Build a tripod with three or four supports or legs, one in each corner. Attach each with the fasteners or screws. Or attach a main study support to the bottom of the middle of the tabletop which then spreads out into three or four supports, similar to roots in a tree trunk.

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Attach this base to bolts that do not extend through the table top. This base is a popular design, which often provides better legroom for people sitting at the table. However, they may be more likely to wonder if the weight is incorrectly balanced, which makes it easier to spoil. These stands can be built in wood or metal. The wood can be bought and cut to the desired length or can be taken from an old furniture, like a long, old speaker that is no longer used. Pieces of metal that would work as a stand can be purchased from a car scrap or taken from an old table that is no longer used.

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Table Top Finishing

Decorate and apply a protective surface to your finished bar table top. Spray a rust-proof primer on metal surfaces to keep spillage of corrosive metals and improve their appearance. For a wooden table top, sand and apply bets and varnish to protect and prolong the life of the surface. Or add patterns or a unique style to your bar table top. E.g. Use labels from a variety of beer bottles to the table surface to produce a perfect bar-board mosaic. Apply paint over the labels so that they are protected by a thick luster when it dries.

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