Types of Furniture Grade Plywood


Furniture grade plywood – The construction of plywood furniture can avoid the swelling and shrinking problems that are so common with solid wood. Plywood is manufactured in a large number of sizes, qualities and styles, ranging from leaves intended exclusively for strength. So that the leaves are covered with noble woods and designed to be used in high quality furniture. Because of the large price difference between plywood and basic veneered wood. It makes sense to use the least expensive types of furniture pieces that cannot be seen. This may include lower parts of the cabinet that are drawers below or structural elements of built-in parts. Structural plywood is as strong and stable as the most expensive types of plywood. But it is made without the veneer of oak, cherry, birch or maple that is common in plywood that is designed for visible use.

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The furniture grade plywood sheet is made by rotating a log on a large lathe. And shearing the wood out of it in a circular motion. This creates a large amount of very thin veneer that then sticks to a less expensive material substrate. The result is veneered plywood that is generally 3/4 inches thick. With the middle fabricated in low cost or other soft spruce wood. And veneered wood surfaces with a wide variety of hardwood grade cabinet. Veneer can also be made by cutting straight through the log, resulting in what is known as the flat cut sheet. This type of sheet is more expensive. But has a more natural grain than the distorted grain that results from peeling the sheet from the circumference of the trunk.

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Some mills and wood products manufacturers are able to create special types of furniture grade plywood tailored for their customers. This usually requires a minimum purchase of considerable size. So that it is profitable for the mill to make the customized configuration. Some examples of custom plywood include plywood of unusual thickness, widths of more than 4 feet, lengths of more than 8 feet or surfaces that are coated with unusual woods. A specialty type of plywood known as maneuvering wood is specifically designed to create curved surfaces. This type of plywood is 1/4 inch thick, with a very light density wood core that can be bent around much more easily than plywood or normal hardwood. By gluing several layers of wood together in one way. A cabinetmaker can avoid the important work involved in bending with steam or carving. Two other traditional methods of creating bent wood surfaces.

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