Types Interior Window Trim Ideas


Interior window trim ideas – interior wood finish is also known as window frame. While wood finishing is not as common as it once was, it can be an attractive option to frame a window. Wood trim can be nailed to the outside of the window and the remaining recesses filled with putty. Wood is a natural material that requires the treatment of knots. The wood is versatile that can be painted or stained and easily match any color scheme or decoration. Common woods used for trim interior window include oak, maple and walnut.

Plastic PVC trim cell is full of small air bubbles, making the material lighter and less expensive to produce. Many modern window frames currently use this material, as it is very durable and will not fade in sunlight like the other types of plastic. It does not rot, is not affected by insect attacks and is resistant to water. Plastic PVC can be glued on the window frame to the wall. Some varieties have an enhanced grain wood side and a smooth side for those consumers who want an option. Plastic PVC can be quite expensive about the same price as a wood without knots. According to the website of the family handyman. While it does not require painting, it can easily absorb paint.

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Aluminum is normally used for exterior finishing, but it can also be used for trim interior window, especially with aluminum window units. It is very durable and long-lasting and does not require much maintenance. On the downside, it is harder to work, since it needs to be cut with a miter saw and folded into shape with special tools. Aluminum trim can be nailed to the window frame using aluminum fixing nails and the gaps can be filled with putty. Aluminum can be painted or left unfinished. And plaster is a soft and moist substance when it is first mixed. Finally it dries and hardens.

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When considering new interior of a window, it is necessary to take into account the architecture of the room and what style you want the room to have. There are very simple styles, but consumers can also choose custom trim interior window. Such as specially carved wooden moldings elements. Window fitting should ideally match any door frames in the house. While the adjustment may serve to stop drafts from entering the home page. Make sure there is proper insulation around the window.

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