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Mid Century Mid Century Modern Siding Options

One thing is certain for decorating a house: time passes and trends come and go. This is true for everything, since the clothes we take to the food we eat. Its not to mention the decoration of the house. But, with regard to exterior design, there is a tendency to remain: mid century modern exterior style! Mid-century style is your best bet if you want…

Mid Century Mid Century Modern House Numbers Brown

Today I took on the task of looking for the best design ideas for the mid century modern house numbers. And I found many different options. So I hope that you like them a lot and find the ideal for your home. You will easily realize that what predominates in this type of detail is the blacksmithing and the metal numbers. Also the details in…

Mid Century Mid Century Modern Home Plans Colors

Modern inspiration is based on the period from the 1940s to the 1960s. A span of twenty years when the design was neat, elegant and functional. Although the style originated more than 70 years ago, this trend has resurfaced with a fresh revival. Retro colors and simple styles are only the beginning when it comes to the transformation of a house into a sophisticated, mid…

Mid Century Mid Century Modern House Plans Interiors

With the popularity of mid century modern house plans, the conical paw has had an incredible resurgence in furniture and modern interior design. It is almost impossible to enter a furniture store and not see at least one piece with sharp legs. Wondering where this vintage style came from and how it made its way back to modern interiors? Even if you are not obsess…