To Hide Away Ironing Board


Most people, however, need to hide away ironing board. Why? Because it is certainly not a real piece of furniture. And because it takes up space and those who have a small home do their best to conquer more and more. There are few people who are lucky enough to own a room dedicated to ironing. The first tip is to take advantage of the tight spaces. A common solution is to hide the ironing board between the cabinet and the wall. In fact, it often remains a space large enough to welcome it. But narrow enough to not be able to put anything different. Being then in the bedroom, the guests is completely invisible.

You can also take advantage of the unused spaces of the closet to hide it. A place that is not very neat and tends to accommodate all those things that are not used every day. Still, there are those who choose to make a wardrobe where you can keep all the little-used objects and one of these is the ironing board. A different solution is represented by the built-in closet with ironing board. It turns out to be true that the built in ironing board cabinet takes up space in the home, but it is also an accessory that saves space. In fact, you can hide everything you need to iron in here.

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Choose a model that includes not only the board. But also the shelves to keep the clothes to iron, to keep the iron and all the other accessories you need. In this way you have everything at your fingertips. For those who have even less space at home, the two solutions just seen are not feasible. This is because there is not even enough space to open the ironing board at home. There are indeed those who decide to buy the ironing board without legs, to be placed on existing floors of the house. Such as the bed or the dining table.

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This type of ironing board can be safely hidden in the closet. Usually it is equipped with a convenient hole with tape that allows you to hang it for example inside the wardrobe. It turns out to be the solution that allows you to save space more than any other. Finally, you have the possibility to keep it under the bed, in the garage or in the basement. But the important thing is that it is close to the place where you usually stretch. So as not to make the best ironing board even more difficult and unwelcome ironing.

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