To Build Your Own Garage Work Station


Having a garage work station will maximize work space and will give you your own space to hold tools and work on projects. If you’re already a do-it-yourself enthusiast or if you’re an aspiring one, it’s just a good idea to build your own work station. A garage work station does not have to be a big shiny structure of beauty. All it has to do is support your function and anyone can achieve this with proper guidance.

To build work table, starting with stand all four of your 4- by -4 pieces of wood up to use them as the legs for your desk. Measure 15 inches from the bottom with a tape measure and mark this point with a pencil on all four sides of each leg. Second, nail a 30-inch 2-4-piece wood on one side of the 4- by -4 on the pencil labeled with two stitches and a hammer. Place 30- inch 2-4 with 4- inch measurement upwards before sewing it. Repeat this step with every 4 in -4. Third, line an unused 30- inch 2-4, with 4- inch measurement upwards, with the top of an unused 4- by -4. So they are still, seam saw them together with two nails and hammer.

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Repeat this with the unused 4- by -4 and 30-inch 2- by -4. Fourth, bring one piece from step 2 along with one piece from step 3. So that the 2-4 of each piece comes into contact with the other 4 in -4. Sew them together with two bolts for every 2 by -4 to make a piece with two legs. Repeat this with the remaining pieces from steps 2 and 3. Place pieces from Step 4 so that each piece has a fore and a back leg. Use two stitches on each side in conjunction with a 88- inch 2-4. With 4- inch measurement upward, on the inside of each back leg of the 15-inch mark. Repeat this with the front legs. You should have a symmetrical frame.

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Nail a 88- inch 2- by -4 in conjunction top of the two hind legs. So the top part of 4- by-4 and the top of 2- in -4 is yet. Use two stitches on each side. Repeat this for the forelegs. Make sure that the 4- inch measurement of 2 in -4 is upwards. Pay particular attention to the position of the nail so that they do not hit the other nails in the 30-inch 2- by-4S connecting the fore and hind legs. Put the 38-of -96-inch plywood on your structure. So the corners are fully lined up with the top of each leg. Nail plywood on the legs, with two stitches on each side. Thoroughly apply your nails so that you do not hit the second stitch from previous steps. And the garage workbench ideas were done.

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