Tips to Building Picture Frames


Building picture frames if you want to focus on the drawing, do not distort the play with a colorful image mat. Design floating picture frames that seem to interrupt your photograph behind a glass bite. Create a version without a traditional wood or metal frame that surrounds glass. One that does not have a narrow frame that borders the floating image. Eye-catching, clear picture frames can also print and display items such as dried leaves, flowers and keepsakes.


Install a Glass-Only Frame

Measure the size of your photo or artwork with a ruler. Choose a size for your floater frame that is at least 2 inches wider and higher than artwork to give the frame the most visually appealing results. Get two slices of glass on a home improvement store for the dimensions you have chosen for the floating image frame. Place a glass bite on the desk. Place the photo or artwork in the desired location on the glass. Snap eight Swiss clips on the frame to hold the two pieces of glass together. Place two of the metal clips on each side of the floating frame – position each clip at least one inch in from the nearest corner. Push the frame against another object, display it on a plate stand. Attach it to the wall by hanging it on the nails using openings in the two Swiss clips at the top of the frame.

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Make a floating frame with a Wood Border

Remove particle board support from an existing wood or metal frame using a screwdriver to lift the metal tabs on the frame that holds down. Make sure the frame is at least 2 inches longer and wider than the drawing. Take the glass out of the frame and measure it with a ruler. Have an identical size piece of glass cut in a home improvement store. Load wood or metal frame side down on the work table. Place a piece of glass inside the frame. Place the drawing face down in the desired location on the glass.

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Insert other glass pieces inside the frame and gently use a screwdriver to push the metal tabs along the frame back to secure both pieces of glass. The tabs are short and will not be visible behind the frame. Create a tripod to view the frame without supporting it against another object. Use a screwdriver to remove the stand from the frame’s original particleboard support. Attach the stand to the back glass piece with industrial craft glue, hiding behind the artwork.

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