Tips to Building Bookshelf Entertainment Center


Bookshelf entertainment center can use when designing a home, finding a bookcase that fits into your space can be difficult. Instead of buying a shelf, which can be expensive, build your own. By creating a custom bookcase, you can design it to your own specifications and finish it to fit perfectly into the room. You can build a bookcase with materials that you buy from a home delivery store or from wood pieces that you already have around the house.


Measure area of ​​your room and sketch on the entertainment center wall unit design. Even a basic sketch will be useful when building shelves. Mark the sketch with exact dimensions, including the width and length of each board. Take your sketch to a home delivery store and buy the piece. For a basic bookcase, you need two identical planks for the pages of the bookcase. The remaining boards can all be of the same length; buy two for the top and bottom and one for each individual shelf. Home delivery stores usually cut boards to the exact lengths you need. You will also need to buy a piece of plywood that fits the back of the frame, including the thickness of the boards.

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Build the outer frame of the large entertainment center. Lay out your top, bottom and side planks. Arrange the top shelf so that the edge is located just inside the left shelf; Use screws or nails to secure them together. Repeat the process with the right side. Then add the bottom plank. Keep the frame flat on the ground so it is at right angles. Select outside the location of each shelf; measure from the top down so the markings are in the same place on each side. Slide on a shelf plank at a time and attach a screw or nail from the outside of the shelf to the edge of the board to secure it. If you store heavy books, add small fasteners on the underside of each shelf for extra stability.

Turn the bookcase over. Use a hammer and small nails to attach piece of plywood to the back of the bookcase to form the back. Use spray paint or paint to finish the bookcase to match your home design. Measure and cut two pieces of quartz round to bookcase width plus 2 inches, and two cut to cases depth plus 2 inches. Cut both ends of each of the four pieces at a 45 degree angle. Arrange four quartz rounds on the underside along appropriate sides resting against the edges of the plywood. Align the corners and secure quartz round with plywood with finishing nails every 6 inches.

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Tips and warnings

Empty your bookcase before attempting to set it on the base for placing the bookshelf centered on plywood.

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