The Most Common Types of Wood Corner Joints Used In Building Furniture


A wood corner joints are the simplest connection because there is no machining to do but cut your board long. Hold your joints together and screw or nail them together. The butt connection is probably the easiest connection to make, but this is also the weakest connection you can make. Butt joints are widely used in construction. When you build a wall, you just plug your board into the top and bottom plates and nails in place. Pruning work also uses a lot of butt joints.

We don’t usually use butt joints when building furniture because it’s just as easy to strengthen joints with fast biscuit joints or pocket holes. They can be used if you don’t know how to do other carpenter techniques, but they won’t last long. We will recommend at least a whole pocket jig or biscuit joiner.

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Dadoes and Grooves

Dadoes and grooves are basically just slots cut wood to match the thickness of the wood that will be inserted into a dado or groove. Dadoes ran across grain and grooves running with wheat. They are basically the same setup and the results are the same. If you use 3/4 inch plywood and you want to make cabinets, you will have 3/4 inch dado and cut grooves in plywood to join them together and they make harmony easier because there is no place for plywood to go except in the dado or groove. They are used mainly in terms of work such as cabinets and entertainment centers. They help with alignment and joint strength.

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Dado and grooves can be made from a number of tools: Dado knives at the viewing table. A dado knife is a double saw blade that is put together to make whatever size is needed for your project. A router is either installed on a router table or you can pin a straight edge to your workpiece. Radial arm saws can also be used to make hammers and grooves, but you are limited to the width that you can make.

Dovetail joint

The Dovetail joint is a classic wood joint type. They can be made by hand or by a router and just as a jig. There are two parts for a fitting connection and they are pins and tails. In our opinion, fitting joints are by far the best joinery technique available. Through the shape of the tail is when you can see right from two sides. They are traditionally cut by hand, but there is a fitting jig that allows you to make them with a router. A half-blind half-tail is used mainly in making drawers. They are only seen from the side. They allow the drawer to be opened many times without pulling the loose front from the side.

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