Special Five Panel Doors Models


Both in terms of safety and design, materials and aesthetics, there are various types of five panel doors for the interior and exterior of the home. Wood, aluminum, iron, armored, folding or sliding system and several other options. Everything you should know and evaluate to choose the one that best suits your needs. The doors are classified according to their material and their opening. They also have different levels of security. Especially in the case of outdoor, and there are many variants at the design level.

To find the one that best responds to what we are looking for, it is fundamental to review all the models and know their qualities. We tell you everything you need to know. Armored doors; they are the safest option since it is a wooden door with metal plates incorporated on both sides. Which makes them very difficult to open, even using a lever. In addition, they are heavier and act as an insulator of sound and temperature, which can be key in case of fire. But not everything that shines is gold. This type of door is expensive and, therefore, choosing it requires an important initial investment.

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The case of 5 panel interior door prehung models is different. Because security considerations give way to questions more related to practicality and decoration. For the internal openings of the home we can find an enormous variety of solutions with different types of openings, material and designs. Its main function is to separate environments to create privacy between one room and another. The choice depends to a large extent on how we use it and the space we can take advantage of. Wooden doors

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They are the perfect option for those looking for a rustic, classic and elegant style. They are the most decorative choice and enhance the façade of the home. Although they are not the best alternative in terms of security. Especially if they do not have metal reinforcements. Luckily, there is the possibility of covering the wood with sheet metal. Which makes it more resistant and helps to prevent climatic deterioration. Another interesting option if we want to save space is folding or collapsible. They consist of several sheets that fold over each other until they allow passage. They do not need space for the turn or work to install them. In addition to optimizing the space, they enable different designs and materials. You can look for a 5 panel door with glass with glass. These to give it a modern touch that lets light shine into the environment.

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