Special Characteristic of Wood Carving Bench


Wood carving bench, it is a sculptural technique develop since ancient times with applications in architecture and decorative arts. Although it begin as a minor art. The era of greatest splendor of this art takes place in the middle Ages. Especially in Europe, where it was put on the same level as sculpture in metal or stone. Wood carving consists of a process of roughing and polishing the piece of wood to the desired shape. The tools that are used have not change much with the passage of time. Chisels, saws, sickles, large or small axes, brushes and sandpapers of different thicknesses. Normally, the figure is carve from a piece of wood that is remove pieces from the outside in. And whose interior is empty to preserve moisture.

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The figure obtained can be covered with plaster or thin layers of metal and this is decorate with polychrome, precious stones or with cloth clothes. The artist sometimes takes advantage of the characteristics of wood. Such as veins, polychrome, fibers or the combination of various types of wood. However, not all types of wood are suitable for wood carving bench after the curing and drying process. The most appreciated are the hardwoods: oak, ash, robin, beech, walnut, elm, maple, chestnut, etc. Resinous woods are less suitable for handicrafts: fir, pine, larch, cypress or yew. High density woods are often select and splinter easily. The carving in wood has various applications. But in general, they are decorative and ornamental. The greatest development occurs in its application to religious typologies: as in Christian imagery in reliefs and wood sculptures. It is also use in architectural ornamentation and to decorate everyday furniture.

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In architecture, wood carving bench is widely use to decorate wooden beams or decks. The decorative motifs are usually geometric or vegetal. This type of decoration is also use in balustrades, stairs, columns, custom shields, etc. They are also frequent in the decoration of choirs of important churches. In the ornamentation of covers or windows and in daily furniture such as chairs, desks, personalized trophies etc. Currently, these techniques are still use in an artisanal way but combine with industrialize processes. Although the use of wood is much lower due to the better conservation of the pieces using less perishable materials and requiring less cost. The techniques can be learn in woodcarving courses available in town halls or in woodcarving books in bookstores or online.

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