Sophisticated Wooden Business Card Holder


Wooden business card holder – Business cards began to be use for the first time in China in the fifteenth century. But its use was not introduce in Europe (more specifically between the French aristocracy) until two centuries later (seventeenth century) when the lackeys of the aristocracy of the high society deliver them anticipating the visit of their masters, hence their name. The business cards became an essential tool of etiquette define by sophisticated rules. The social convention said that one person did not show up at another’s house (unless she had been invited) without first leaving his business card. When he was visiting and the owners of the house were not there. The card was left at the service as proof that he had passed through the house. The business card is no longer an exclusive feature of the upper or middle class.

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Today it is common among all social classes and in it the contact details. Including the address and telephone number, are essential even in the cards of domestic visits. Business cards, also called business cards, are pieces that contain the data of the cardholder. Such as the name and surnames, the contact form (telephone, mail, address …) and the profession or position. The cards are give at the first physical contact with the client, the company, etc. Making the delivery of the card supposes an interest on the part of the holder towards the addressee person. Establishing a positive link between both. In many cases it can be a determining factor to start new projects or jobs. This small piece, usually cardboard, that contained (and contains) most of our contact data. And professionals is our permanent reminder that we are there.

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That is something that is still present. And has not disappeared with the technological innovations. Although it has undergone two major changes in its usefulness and its content. Although it has not completely disappeared from our portfolios it has seen its importance reduce with the rise of e-mail, profiles in social networks. And digital data although there are still many times that require a business card. But for those cases the conditions have also changed in the past, ostentation prevailed and by placing the physical address of our professional headquarters it was a symbol of seriousness. Now the basic data of a business card no longer has to include physical addresses. We understand that there are multiple virtual companies, with virtual offices, etc. or landlines. But the name and surname of the professional, position, the name of the company, the email address, the website, Twitter user, a mobile phone.

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