Some Ideas of the Most Original Garage Tool Hangers


Garage tool hangers – We are nonconformists, when we do not have a garage we dream of having one and when we have it we dream of being ordered. The reality is that most of the garages are use as a workshop, storage room, or disaster box. Where all the things that we do not know where to put are going to end up. So the normal thing is that it is always sleeve by shoulder. That we do not find anything and that we end up desperate every time we start looking for something. But that does not have to be this way, we’re going to give you some ideas of the most original garage organizer storage. We bring you simple ideas that you can do yourself.

Yes, even if you are not a handyman too, with the things you have at home. So you cannot make the excuse that you cannot spend. Because with the tricks that we bring you, you do not need! It does not matter how big the garage is, there’s always space! That’s why using cubic meters can be a great idea garage tool hangers. The space above the car is very useful to store those things that we do not need very often. One of the most difficult things to keep in order are the remains of pipes, bars, tubes … That always come to us when we look for other things. Have them always in order using an old lattice and screws or even with the pipes left over. Easy, economical and ingenious. Use remains of wood or PVC pipes.

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Only with a good saw and screws to anchor to the wall, you can always have tools at hand. And avoid being thrown around the garden. With a few pieces of wood you can hang recycling ones and prevent them from occupying a valuable space on the ground. In addition you will always have them at hand. And you can do it with low cost materials that you will surely have by the garage. You can do this not only for garbage cans but also for organizing boxes. Use rubber bands, cables or “octopus” to easily store the large number of balls store in the garage despite not playing any sports! You can also use ribbons in order to create pockets on the wall in which to store other sports items or tools. You can also use recycled pallet wood to build some garage tool hangers in which to have everything well organized.

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