Simple Ideas to Make Wooden Loft Bed


Wooden loft bed – Building a loft bedroom bed is a task that requires a bit of carpentry skill, but once finished you can add much needed space to your room. A high bed is simply a common bed with extended legs that lifts the bed 5 or 6 feet off the floor. If you do not feel comfortable sleeping that high floor. It’s a great way to add space for a desk or a comfortable chair in your room. Keep reading to find out how to build a loft bedroom bed. Choose the size of your bed or in many cases the size of the bed has already been chosen and that is limited to being the construction of a frame that gives you the height of your old mattress. Cut the four pieces for the frame of the bed. Do not forget to allow the thickness of the plates.

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The extra half inch is to give a quarter inch maneuver margin on each side. Now when you cut the other two members you can also add the ½ inch of room for maneuver. Plus you have to add another 3 inches to allow the thickness of the wooden loft bed. Cut the length tables and make sure that each cut is square. Now put the frame together. You can use ¼ inch locking bolts that are 2 ½ inches long. You will need 12 to put the frame together. There will be two rows of three at each end and each bolt will be lowered, so that the head does not protrude. At recess each bolt start the hole with a 5/8 inch bit-speed drill and drill on the side of the end boards to a depth of ½ inch.


Building a high bed and placing it underneath is not much more difficult than building the high bed on its own. The entire project should take only two or three hours, once you have gathered your tools and construction materials. When finished, you will have 20 square feet of space under the bed with shelves lining one side. These instructions are for a wooden loft bed double. But can be modified for other mattress sizes by adjusting the dimensions of the wood. Cut all the wood with the dimensions listed in the materials section. Then, cut a 36-inch board into three parts, each 12 inches by 12 inches. Cut every 12 inches by 12 square inches on the diagonal, creating a total of six triangular pieces. Sand all the faces of your wood. It does not have to be polished smooth, but make sure your kids will not get splinters.

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