Reuse Wood Boxes Home Depot


Furnishing your home and garden with wood boxes home depot is a simple and classy idea. The first step? Start to collect and store them. The easiest to find are those of fruit, just be sure to choose the most intact and resistant. But do not forget those that hold bottles of wine or vintage bottles for water, for example. If you struggle to find boxes in good condition, you can buy them on the web or in a consortium or farm; ask in wine shops and local markets. You will surely have noticed at least once in your life the wooden boxes that the fruit vendors use.

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The same boxes that are often found outside the supermarkets or some shops. Because once you have done your job, the fruit boxes are often thrown away in the trash. But the truth is that with the fruit boxes, just what you see in the markets, you can make many useful and original things by recycling them in a creative way. From a fruit box you can get furniture not only for the house by the sea, your garden or terrace. But also for the apartment in the city, why not. Spending little you can tastefully furnish your spaces.

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With wooden boxes you can create tables and planters, bookcases, shelves or comfortable shoe racks. With a little imagination and time you can make objects and functional furniture. Furnishing with wooden boxes means working the imagination as well as the brush -o give new life to a fruit box. Let’s start from the beginning. However, before being used in any way, the home depot wooden crates must be cleaned and placed. Just pass some sandpaper, coarse first and then fine. These to remove dirt and imperfections.

At this point, just a pass of paint (or wood polish, for a natural and refined look) to begin to furnish with wooden boxes. How to use wooden display crates wholesale in the living room? With a little manual skill, it is possible to furnish an entire living room with wooden boxes. With the addition of wheels at the base and a top shelf in wood. But also in glass or in iron, for an industrial touch, a wooden box becomes a practical coffee table. With some nails, a little imagination and a certain practicality for geometry, a composition of wooden boxes can become a lively wall bookcase. Or, even better, a partition.

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