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The american flag display case, is a symbol that reflects the strength and unity of a people. Who without a doubt, has managed to be the protagonist of the greatest world events in history. With more than 2 centuries of life, the American flag has been able to abandon the status of being a patriotic symbol to be able to become a force of great power. Both at the military, political, cultural and economic levels. Its beginnings go back to the period prior to its independence. More precisely to January 1 of the year 1776, date in which the army of the union could be reorganized after a resolution of the congress gave the command of the troops to former President George Washington during the famous war of Independence.

The first emblem of the United States is born of urgent need that the 13 colonies bear a patriotic symbol. After it became independent of England. It is not really know who design the first American flag. Although according to the story of the native legend Betsy Ross , a dressmaker of the current town of Philadelphia would have been the one who designed the first sketch. On June 14, 1777, the first design of the flag with 13 stars (during the Continental Congress) was approve. Its represented the current 13 colonies arrange on a blue rectangle. Attach on a background of 13 alternating horizontal stripes of color white and dark red. Initially when the first american flag display case was design in 1777. Colors did not have a meaning in themselves. Rather than using the same tones of Britain in a different way to make the new independence known.

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Later, around 1782, when the Seal of the United States was adopt as a sign of certification of documents. A meaning was given to each color, the following precepts being adopt. The color red, symbolizes the parts of bravery and integrity. The blue color makes mention of perseverance, vigilance and justice. While the color white represents innocence and also purity. With the constant expansion of the American nation, the Congress of the United States determine that the flag should be update as more states are incorporate. And that each state of the union is represent by a star. Over the years, the incorporation of new states has cause the american flag display case to undergo 26 modifications, incorporating stars to its design. And being its last modification in the year 1960 where it was complete with 50 stars.

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