Pleasant and Modern Bungalow House


The following are the plans of a modern bungalow house style ideal for spending the summer. If you have a construction project in mind to fully enjoy your stay near the sea, these plans will enchant you. The house has wooden floor, three bathrooms, and three bedrooms for the family. In addition this bungalow house has two levels so that from the second floor you can observe the sea in its entire splendor.

In other times, the plan of modern bungalow house was represented by a technical drawing. The architects made a great effort to design the environments with their dimensions, manually. Nowadays, almost all professionals work with computer software, which makes it possible to visualize the space visually better and distribute the furniture. In this way the client or the person in charge of the project can better imagine what the final result will look like.

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Since all the rooms are on the ground floor, these types of bungalows usually seem larger than multi-storey houses. As usual, the living is the most used place.  The chimneys for modern bungalow house had their glory stage back in the 80s, but they will always remain with part of the market. These are ideal for heating when natural gas is not available or we have large quantities of firewood. Do you dare to enjoy a beach house with these characteristics? Sure you will have a good time.Two stories houses from yellow bricks,

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