Playful Modern House Colors


Modern house colors – When Mark and Susie Easter made the decision to fly the career hub. And move their young family from the Auckland business area to the suburb. They asked the team at Dorrington Atcheson Architects (DAA) to design a home that reminded them of carefree days on camping holidays. They also wanted a separate house on the same plot where family and family could live. And then it became: a family home was created. Together with another building that resembled the main building, but with a private sphere.

Playful color blocks

“We based the design modern house colors on the practical forms of a tent and a shed,” said architect Tim Dorrington. The main building is a pavilion where the children’s bedrooms are separated by a tent-like timber frame. That houses a living room and a kitchen. With an area of only 120 sqm, the house is extremely well planned. Smart design tricks, such as 3.6m ceilings and many windows that extend from floor to ceiling, make the compact home feel spacious. An artistic touch of playful color blocks enhances the relaxed atmosphere.

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Although the home and its smaller counterparts have just been built. They feel deeply rooted modern house colors in their lush environment. It is the result of an honest design that goes back to the native buildings that once existed in this area. The exterior is a wooden panel in cedar wood, a cladding traditionally used on the shelf. “It’s a house that frankly tells the story of how it was created,” says Tim.How much does it cost to build a garage with loft furniture,

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