Painting Wood Bedroom Sets


Wood bedroom sets is quite versatile in the bedroom because it can look elegant, classical or even contemporary. Solid colors offer a clean and more modern finish on wood furniture and come in a variety of colors and designs. Current bedroom furniture can be painted using the color paint you chose to change the entire look of the bedroom. According to coating manufacturers Valspar, the best color to use for wood furniture is a shine or low gloss due to its durability and cleaning ease.


Use a well-ventilated room or work area for rustic wood bedroom sets. Place a cloth on the floor in the work surface to protect the furniture from scratches and protect the floor from drip. Separate the furniture as much as possible. For example, kitchen cabinets should have drawers removed, and those handles should be removed while beds should have the frame, headboard and footplate removed. Place pieces of furniture on cloth. Use 320-grit sandpaper to rub the surface of the furniture to remove any clear paint or protective coating.

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Apply a thin layer of paint stripping with a brush across the entire surface of the wood bedroom sets king. Note that you can only use strip on one side of the furniture at a time. Allow stripping to work on the furniture’s surface, which usually takes 15 to 45 minutes depending on the type of stripper used. See color stripper’s instructions for exact times. Scratch a test area of ​​furniture with a flap. If the paint is lifting lightly, then continue to scrape the remaining pieces of furniture. If not, allow the driver to sit for another 10 minutes. Furniture with multiple layers of paint or stripping will require more than one strip application to completely remove the lacquer from Wood’s surface. Repeat the process on the other side if applicable.

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Wash the furniture area with a solution of warm water and TSP cleaner to remove stripper remaining. Only use a damp cloth to immerse in the solution. Do not use a sponge or saturate the wood. Allow the furniture to dry. Grind the surface of the furniture with 320 grit sandpaper until smooth and even. Wipe the furniture with a damp cloth. Apply a thin layer of a latex based primer to the surface of the furniture using a polyester nylon brush. Allow the primer to dry overnight. Apply a layer of latex-based coat paint on top of furniture and allow it to dry overnight. Assemble the furniture when the paint has dried.

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