Modern Family House Floor Plan Red Bridge


Modern family house floor plan red bridge. The house is a stately, newly built home on the outskirts of Ashdown Forest in southeastern England. The surrounding farms spread over almost 9 hectares and provide an idyllic place for the family to live. “We wanted to create a house that was pronounced modern.” says architect Piers Smerin who has drawn it. “We did not want anything that was crisp or broke too much to the environment. But a building that had clear signs from the time it was built.”

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The Simple Farm Buildings

With the help of rust-colored steel, natural wood, lots of windows and a huge roof terrace. You have managed to create a house that is modern family house floor plan. But at the same time, it melts well into the surroundings. In autumn, the leaves on the book and chestnut trees admit that the house surrounds the same golden color. The very shape of the house is a tribute to the simple farm buildings that are common in this part of England.

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It’s an unspoiled location modern family house floor plan far out in the country. that the owners really have embraced, says Piers Smerin. After four years of planning and work, the house was completed in 2016, and now lives a family of four children. The boundary between the inside and out is almost blurred out of the lofty balcony. Which complements the modest style of the interior and is covered by a roof. That there is seldom a reason to stay inside all day.

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