Making Table Kitchen from Live Edge Slabs


Live edge slabs for table in a small kitchen, instead of adding a large dining table, you can build a bar table that can serve as an eating table. A bar table can also be placed in a corner of a family room for entertaining guests. With a little elbow grease, some household tools and a couple of pieces work you can complete this project in less than a week for those with basic carpentry skills, or at least a couple of days for those with advanced carpentry skills.


Find the place in the home where you place your natural edge wood slabs. Take into account the shape of the room and the bar location, whether it will be placed in a corner or placed against the wall. Also take into account the number of bar stools you want to add and the space for people sitting and standing around. Measure the surface of the place you chose. From this you will base how big a bar you will build. You want it to be in proportion to the size of the room. For an average size room, you can build a 6 foot long bar table, for a smaller room to build a bar that is 4 meters long, for a larger room you can build an 8 foot long bar table.

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Draw a design of the bar you plan to build, or download available plans bar from the Internet. A site specializing in bar patterns is www. Precision-images. Com where you pay a small fee for a complete chart with instructions on how to put a bar table together. If you want a simple design with a bar top and four legs, you can sketch a drawing like a photo or a picture of this step. This simple design shows a total height of 4.25 meters, with a barrier height of 5 feet and counter depth of 2 meters. The four legs are each 4 meters high. Collect all the material needed. Use a circular saw to saw the 4 “X 4” timbers. Cut 4 sets with each measurement at 4 meters in length.

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Cut the plywood action 5 meters in length and 2 meters in width. Put the plywood on the floor, with the bottom upward. Attach wood contacts or 4 “x 4” post anchor to the bottom of the plywood. Place them about 3 inches away from each corner of the plywood. Make sure the screws are tightened. Connect the legs by turning them on the mail or timber contacts. Drill holes for the screws to penetrate the wood better, and then use a screwdriver to screw a 2-inch screw to hold each side. Turn the live edge wood desk, then check to see if it’s level by placing one level at the top of the table in both directions. Make adjustments if it is awkward or uneven.

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