Making Cabinet Door Router Bits


Cabinet door router bits have a big impact on how your kitchen looks. Tired, tired wood gives a tired look to the room. Outdated cabinets make the kitchen seem old-fashioned even with modern appliances. Installing new cabinets is a big project that has a major impact on your bank account or credit card. Decorate cupboards with wallpaper instead save money and give your kitchen a new look.


Clean the routing cabinet door panels you will decorate with warm soapy water to remove grease, food and fingerprints. Rinse and allow drying thoroughly. Remove cabinet doors by unscrewing hinges. Put hinges and screws on the shelf in each cabinet so you do not drop them. Put each cabinet door flat. Place the paper on the cabinet. Most cabinets have casting or wooden pieces around a spot. Trace the middle of the paper. Cut the middle part into the template. Make sure it is an exact fit. Place the template on the wallpaper. With a knife, cut the wallpaper so it’s exactly the same size and shape as the template.

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If there is a repeating design, center the design on the template. If there is a large rose shown 18 inches, you want Rose to appear near the center of each cabinet door in exactly the same place. Prelim on the back of the wallpaper. Place it on the cabinet and even out any bubbles or wrinkles. Paint a thin line of white glue at the edges of the wallpaper. Place a thin band over the glue to finish the appearance and hide the cut edges. Use a router with a flush-cut layer bit to trim the excess laminate away. Drive the router around the door in a clockwise direction. Use a grinder at the door edge to easily even the edges of the laminate. Keep your grinder square with the door edge to avoid damage to the door or laminate.

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Apply cement to 2 opposite side edge routed cabinet doors. Apply cement to two, 1-1 / 2 strips of laminate long enough to cover door edges. Allow time to cure, and then apply heat as needed. Carefully hold the two pieces down and tap and roll them in place. Route carefully over laminated the laminate. Knit down the upper and lower edges the same way. Use beeswax to lubricate the layer on the mill to avoid burning laminate. Use a 1-inch fine damn mill file to level your edges. Hold the file about 45 degrees in the face, and drive it from left to right. Be careful not to cut too deeply. Clean any excess cement from the door with a small amount of acetone and a soft cloth. Files are everywhere where tools are sold.

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