Live Edge Walnut Slab Ideas


Live edge walnut slab – Today, emphasis is placed on environmentally friendly home decoration. The use of synthetic materials is replaced by natural materials. And what is chosen? Walnutwood. The rise of worn wood in the interior becomes DIY point of view. most of the furniture that accompanies our lives are made of wood. It is versatile and durable , that’s why wood is one of our favorite materials. But the best thing about it is its naturalness, its colors, veins and how it looks in the house.

One that we love is walnut, a dark and very resistant wood, which stands out for its high durability and capacity to resist humidity, deformation and contraction. They are the protagonists of the dining room, the highlight of the living room decoration, but also of the garden and the veranda. The tables are born to satisfy our most basic needs. From worktops to those on which to eat the meals of the day. The tables can combine dozens of aesthetic features with as many functional features. Real live edge walnut slab table furniture is a profitable investment that can last for proper management and maintenance.

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Take steps to protect wooden boards from damage due to scratches, heat and liquids. These can allow you to maintain the finish and beauty of your tables for years to come. Are you loved how the walnut looks in your living room? And want to spend it in the dining room too (even better if you have shared spaces)? So,  recommend you to continue with the extensible wood slabs for table tops, in a modern and very simple style. This table, in addition, is extensible. So it does not take up much space, but it saves you when it comes to inviting many friends to eat. Now, to make your dining room extra comfortable, why not prefer padded chairs?

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In the fact, there are many color options for painting a table. Any paint color that can be used on a wall can be used for a table. The best way to figure out how to find the best color for a table is to base the color choices on personal taste. Also function, and colors already in the room. With these criteria in mind, choosing a table paint color is a simple process. However, furnishing with wood is one of the latest furnishing trends of recent years. Thanks to the rediscovery of recyclable materials and the ever-increasing desire for environmental sustainability.

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