Let’s See Now How To Repair Fix Scratches in Wood Floor


Fix scratches in wood floor – Most of the scratches, scratches and bumps that occur on the wood of furniture are easily solved. Unless the problem is very serious and covers a very large area. In this way, you can repair the wood yourself without problems so we want to explain how to do it in the different cases in which the wood can be damage. Let’s see now how to repair scratches and bumps on wood furniture. To quickly repair the scratches that occur on the wood, you can open a nut and the fruit has to pass over the scratch gently. You will see how the oil and the pulp of the nut begin to melt on the wood, completely covering the scratch.

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An alternative to the use of the nut, is to use wax that comes in hard paste. It must be apply with the help of a steel sponge of the softest there is. The sponge is rubbed in the same direction as the grain of the wood. Then we have to polish the area with a soft cloth. Before polishing it is necessary to let the wax dry well. When fix scratches in wood floor are very deep, you must fill the wood with patches of hard wax. It is insert into the wood with the help of a chisel. When the wax is thoroughly dry, the entire surface is polished. When there have been knocks on the wood, the finish is usually peeled. Then, you have to polish the surface removing the surface that exists of lacquer.

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And then fill it with colored wax in block, of the hard that we talk about before. Or, with paint wood and then apply the wax, to polish the furniture. If the fix scratches in wood floor is not deep. Then there are a couple of options as a solution. The first option would be to find and try a ballpoint pen or marker that is the same color as wood. And you can use it to color the scratch and then use a brush to apply varnish. Before painting with the marker, it will be good to try it in a corner or in some hidden place. The almond oil can also be used to repair small or minor scratches. All you need to do is take some almond oil and rub it on the wood until it is full and then cover it with varnish.

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