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The bench grinder tool rest is a ubiquitous machine tool. It is possible to find it in almost any workshop and even private garages. Its main use there is to sharpen cutting tools. Then remove burrs in freshly cut materials and other tasks of manual roughing. But how does it differ from the angle grinder? In this note we will see the main differences. Their advantages and their most prominent uses. What is a double bench grinder? A bench grinder is a machine tool that is use in a workbench. And therefore is not portable or manual use. When we say that this machine tool is a double bench grinder we mean that it allows us to place two wheels or discs. One on each side of the engine. And that said wheels or discs can be different from each other. And even work at different speeds and angles.

This type of double bench grinder offers two wheels or stones: one, traditional, for coarse roughing, in front. The other stone, finer, is special for wet sharpening jobs: wicks, knives, lathe and strawberry tools, calizuares, etc. In general, the sharpening stone is perpendicular to the engine. And between the shaft and it there is a gear motor that allows it to rotate more slowly. At a speed appropriate to the task to be performed. Another interesting presentation is that of the bench grinder tool rest that. In addition to the coarse roughing stone, offer a belt for emery cloth and sandpaper. In this way, this machine offers grinding and fine polishing in one place. Since, after grinding and polishing thick, we can continue with mirror polishing using a wheel with a cloth.

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As with traditional bench grinder tool rest , in doubles we have a motor. It is what allows the rotation of the double axis; the turning, which is the space where the stone is install. And can rotate freely; the spark arrester, which protects the user from sparks and possible fragments that can be fired by the rotation. And friction of the stone on the work piece; the rest, which is thick plate, where you can support the hand and the piece to work. The foot guard, a piece of aluminum or steel that protects the machine and the user against any type of breakage of the stone. And also prevents sparks from spreading beyond the work area. The modern spark arrester is manufacture entirely in transparent acrylic, which in the event of a blow by a piece detached, does not break.How to build contemporay hortizontal wood fence,

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