Kitchen Without Cabinets: Getting More Out Of What You Have!


Kitchen without cabinets – When you bought your house or rented the apartment you thought it was perfect. But today chaos reigns in your kitchen because of not having enough cabinets. What a mess it is to make a simple tortilla! Having a complete storage system and follow a good methodology would help, and much, to better organize your kitchen. While it arrives, aim these easy and super economic tricks to put order between so much bustles. Many kitchens do not have upper cupboards, nor a large pantry or laundry. But they do have lower modules (in some cases with a good bottom). Look for intelligent storage solutions for pots, lids or pans, sliding systems, removable cabinets, or drawer dividers (with spice dispensers, or knife modules). In this way, at a glance you will hunt the pan you need, or the perfect rod to make the béchamel sauce.

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The furniture under the sink can be the ideal place to place your waste collection system. There are small containers by rails that will make it much easier. And clean the task of recycling. Illuminate the interior of cabinets or drawers it will be a great help for you not to store things you do not need. And find what you are looking for the first time. The shelves or shelves are super versatile and perfectly combinable with any kitchen without cabinets. In them you can leave dishes, glasses, and cutlery. And in general the daily items that you use the most. Made of wood or stainless steel, with adjustable height systems, visible or concealed hardware…

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There is an immensity of possibilities. Do you know that there are baskets that can be hung on shelves, cupboards or shelves on the wall? With them you can take advantage of any empty space, making it a very useful hole. Small appliances they can also wait there until you use them. Although if you could fit them in one of the drawers (at least 40 cm high). They would be safe from dust and grease. Look to see if it fits in any, and if you can, even incorporates the light socket to plug. As in the best restaurants, fill your kitchen without cabinets with rails where you can leave the things you want at hand. Ideally, it should be made of stainless steel. Because it will be very easy to clean and durable, although there are also very aesthetic combinations of forging or wood.

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