Installing Live Edge Wood Table


Live edge wood table can begin to look a little worse for wear with visible bumps, scratches, hot spots, water stains. Save some money and a trip to the furniture shop and consider the repainting table yourself. Many homeowners are afraid of repairing wood surfaces, but it’s really not as difficult as it seems. If you can paint a wall and drive a small grinding machine, you have your old table look like new in no time.


Move the table to an open, clean, well-ventilated work surface. Place live edge walnut dining table over a cloth. If the table comes apart, break it down as many pieces as possible. If the table top is the only damaged part, remove it and put the legs aside. Otherwise wrap and tape your legs so that you do not get any solvents on them. Pour a small amount of a lacquer, lacquer or polyurethane thinning solvent onto a cloth. Lack and shellac can be removed with denatured alcohol. A mere solvent on the table and allows it to penetrate the wood for about five minutes.

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Scratch finish with a plastic filler, color scraper, non-metallic scrub brush or 0000 grade steel wool. Add more solvents as needed and keep scouring until the wood is completely peeled off. Make a cleaning solution of 1 cup of disodium phosphate to 4 liters of water. Use more or less depending on the size of your table. Scrub the table with the solution and rinse the table carefully. Allow the table to air dry. Sand down the table with hand-held tape slip equipped with a 100-grid slip. Sand until smaller bumps and scratches are completely gone. If you have bumps and scratches deeper than 1/8 inches or so, do not ablate until they are gone. Just try to minimize them. Only sand as far as leveling out minor damage.

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Wipe the live edge dining table and chairs with a please cloth. Switch 100-grid slipper for a 220-grid pad, and then sand the table again until the wood is completely smooth. Wipe the table with a piece of cloth again to get rid of the dust. Inspect the remaining damage. Purchase compatible wood filler for your table. If this is not possible, take a picture of wood and consult with professionals at your local hardware or home improvement store. Apply wood filler to your table as instructed by the manufacturer. These products vary slightly in terms of application and drying directions, so always read the label before use.

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