Installing Floor to Ceiling Cabinets to the Ceiling


Should you install floor to ceiling cabinets or leave space? This is a common question faced by most homeowners. There is no right or wrong answers to the question, but there are some challenges and design features to consider:

Ceiling Height

the ceiling height will not only have an impact on whether you will have enough space to leave the space above your closet, but it will also have an impact on the size of the cabinet that you can use. With a 30 “wall cabinet, if you use a 19 1/2 industry standard” between the base cabinet and the wall, you will need a minimum of 84 “high, and with 42” your closet will need a minimum of 96 “. If you plan to install crown moldings or leave space, which will affect the size of the cabinet that you can use and whether you have to attach it to the ceiling or leave the room

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Contour of the Ceiling

One of the biggest misconceptions is that your ceiling is completely flat. Even in new constructions, the ceiling, like the floor, will have several variations in height (the better the builder, the more accurate). Even though it may not be clear when just looking at your ceiling, trying to install a cabinet over the ceiling can reveal some significant high and low points. Because your cabinet must always be aligned, regardless of the ceiling conditions, you need to record all the high and low points accurately before deciding how you will install the kitchen cabinet. This is one reason why most people leave empty space above the cupboard or use crown moldings. Crown prints can help hide all imperfections in the ceiling.

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Crown Molding and Trim

As I mentioned before, it may be necessary to use a crown or trim above your kitchen cabinet to help hide various variations. Even if your ceiling is flat, ordinary people use crown prints or trim on the top of the cupboard to add architectural details to the kitchen. Depending on whether the crown prints must be attached to the top of the cupboard or to the face frame, it will have an impact on what level you can install your closet.

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Style Floor to Ceiling Cabinets

With European-style cabinets and some new trends on the market, kitchen cabinets have full door closers, which mean there is little or no space between the door and the top of the cabinet. Therefore, it is difficult to install a wall cabinet to the ceiling. So before shopping for a kitchen cabinet, it is important to consider the look you want the style of a cupboard that you are going to buy, and the condition of the room where you will install it.



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