Incredible Bookcase with Glass Doors


Bookcase with glass doors – A bookstore is an eminently functional furniture and is, in turn, a decorative piece of the house. As a library or as a piece of storage, the library is a classic of the living room. But bookstore is not synonymous with order, only well planned will become comfortable. Currently the designs tend to lighter libraries, formed of simple shelves. The library is a piece in the domestic field, which, in addition to being essential. Even in its minimal expression, is very versatile due to its geometric shapes as it can adapt to the dimensions of the space. Some libraries are designed symmetrically to give an idea of ​​continuity. Such as this photo on both sides of the fireplace. A library with a background can be plan taking advantage of the setback of the wall. And the smaller books are about 25 cm deep.

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It is not about investing the last penny in the most contemporary bookseller of the store. With some materials, a little effort and a lot of ingenuity you can build incredible bookcase with glass doors and the best, very your style, choosing the material, color, number of shelves, shape and height of the furniture. All the ideas in the article can be done with some basic tools and materials that we all have at home. But if you are not someone who keeps a drill in the bottom of the trunk. And uses a shoe as a hammer. You can also follow the advice that you will find these ideas among each one to build your own toolbox. As for accessories, we may want desks if we take notes in our reading, the lecterns are also useful for reading large volumes that are too heavy to comfortably support.

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Another advantage of open libraries is that they allow spaces to be divided in an elegant way. There are also many models of shelves suspended on the wall, which form impressive shapes. The suspended ones I like because of their lightness. And because of the technical challenge they pose. There are models suspended by bookcase with glass doors. It is allow to regulate the height of the shelves. And I also highlight the versatility of the modular metal, whose elements are repeated and combined giving much dynamism. Books have a lot of weight, we have to take into account the resistance of the material we use. And, above all, we must be careful with buckling or instability.Modern wood slat fencing,

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