In Wall Cabinet Ideas


In wall cabinet in a bathroom is a task that is easily done with two people. Minimal tools needed, and there is no major construction involved. By following these simple step-by-step instructions, you can have a cabinet mounted on the wall and look like it was installed by a professional.


Measure the space where recessed in wall cabinet should be placed before purchasing your cabinet, especially if you install the cabinet under a toilet. Many bathrooms have a smaller wall surface where the toilet is located. Using a tape measure, measure the width of the wall, and the distance from the top of the toilet tank to the ceiling. The bottom of most cabinets is about 2 meters above the tank. Measure 2 meters above the toilet and make a mark on the wall with a pencil. From this point, use the control detector to locate two wall controls, and mark where they are located. Most studs are 16 inches apart. The studs are important to secure the cabinet on the wall.

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Once you’ve found and checked where the rules are on, run a nail in each point. The nail will give the bottom of the cabinet something to rest while it is attached to the wall. Lift wall cabinet day and rest the bottom with the nails. While your helper holds the cabinet in place, measure the distance from the inside of the bottom of the cabinet to the nail where the duct is located. This is the distance that the screws will be placed to secure the cabinet. Locate the shelf brackets in the cabinet on the back. This is where the screws will be inserted to secure the cabinet on the wall.

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Place a mark from the inside of the cabinet on the stage with the distance you came from when measuring from the bottom of the cabinet to the nail. Do this from both sides. If there are three braces, then you will use six screws – two screws on each cabinet stag. Use your drill to insert a screw, but do not fully tighten it. Make the necessary adjustments, and then completely tighten the screw. Insert the rest of the screws and remove the nails from the wall. You can easily fill the sewn holes with filler; allow drying and then painting over. If the holes are in wallpaper, use waxes of wax in the same color as the paper to hide the holes. Use two people to prevent the cabinet from falling underneath the installation.What is the proper bench grinder tool rest adjustment,

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