Ideas to Renew Wooden Drawer Pulls


Wooden drawer pulls sometimes wear out with continued use and loosen and wobble. Sometimes what you want is to change out to give your set of drawers a new look. Whatever the reason, you want to make sure that the drawer for the new shooters is prepared before starting the drilling. If you put the new holes too close to the old holes. The wood will splinter often and leave you with a loose fit. Remove the old handle and the screws that were held in place with a screwdriver. Clean the hole with a pipe cleaner to remove debris. Pieces cut from a wooden dowel the same size as the width and length of the old holes in the handle using a fine tooth saw.

Pour a tablespoon of woodworking glue on a plate. And then, dip the pieces of spike into the glue and then insert into the old holes left in the drawer. And also you can push the pins so they are flush with the front of the dresser. Then, dries for 24 hours. Mark the position of the new holes in the handle on the front of the best wooden drawer pulls with a pencil. Use a sharp drill with your drill set at high speed to drill through the drawer. Starting from the front and drilling to the rear. Even if the new hole is near the old hole. The spike and the glue wood will act as a solid surface and you should not experience any chipping. Then, do it be carefully.

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Paint your wooden drawer. Give your dresser, table or final desk touches of color with the knobs of the painted drawers. Whether your drawer knobs are made of metal or wood, it is possible to paint to match or contrast with the color of the furniture. Paint drawer knobs with trendy colors like orange or pink to spice up a room, or neutral colors like metallic gold, silver, brown or beige to give it a touch of subtle elegance. Painting furniture handles is a quick project that saves you the cost of buying new hardware. Loosen the knobs behind the front panels of the drawers. Remove the knobs and save the screws. Place the wooden knobs on a newspaper sheet. Set the periodic paint area outside or in a well-ventilated area. Painting wooden knobs with glossy or matte acrylic paint and a small brush.

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