Ideas to Make Wood Slab Coffee Table


Wood slab coffee table – If you have recently installed hardwood floors and have extra leftover boards, build a basic coffee table of excess flooring. This gives a matching coffee table to place in the room as a piece of the accent. Adopt an elaborate approach for the construction of the table or make it basic and rustic. Rustic and basic, it requires less time and money, and will serve as a focal point for many conversations. So you want to build yourself a nice coffee table. A good wooden coffee table is an essential element in any room, and you can add the character as per its functionality. Coffee tables, like most furniture, tend to be somewhat expensive; from a couple of hundred to a thousand dollars. Place the wooden plate on a horse in the saw. Cut a block of 1 foot from either end of the wooden slab.

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Cutting 1-inch thick wooden boards using the circular saw from the rest of the best wood slab coffee table. Cut the slices 3 feet long. The width of the wooden boards will depend on the thickness of the wooden slab. Sand the wooden boards using the 200 grit sandpaper and the sander. Wear protective glasses to avoid flying debris. Place the 3-foot long wooden boards next to each other on the floor. Nail a piece of wood at both ends of the 3 foot long wooden boards on the ground. This will serve as the surface of the table. Use short nails so that the pointed end of the nails will not come together on the other side of the joints.

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Place the table top on the block 1 foot tall the wood is cut low at the beginning. The block has to stand under the surface of the table in the center. Nail the surface of the table over the block using nails 5 inches long. Check if the surface of the table is unstable. If it is, reinforce with a nail. Apply the varnish of the wooden boards using the brush. Use a mask when applying the varnish as they may contain chemicals that can damage the lungs. Let the varnish dry for a day. Paint the coffee table to a color of your choice or maintain its natural appearance, using only the varnish. Use a mask when applying the varnish as they may contain chemicals that can damage the lungs. Wear protective glasses to avoid flying debris.

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