Ideas to Install Cabinet Handle Jig


Cabinet handle jig – One of the final steps, when the installation of new doors of the cabinets is the choice and installation of door handles. There is a wide variety to choose from to match virtually any decor. The placement of the handle is entirely in the hands of the homeowner. However, they are typically 1 inch from the bottom and side from the outside corner. Cabinet installation hinges requires the use of a little patience in the first. So it can be used as a template for the remaining handles. Measure up to 1 inch from the bottom outside corner of the cabinet door with a tap measure and mark the box with a pencil. Align the tape measure to one side of the cabinet door. And measure 1 inch and make the cross mark. The mark of the cross is where the first hole is drilled.

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Insert a drill bit into the drill that is the same diameter as the handle screw. And then, drill a hole in the 1 inch cross mark through the closet door. To prevent splinters in the back of the best cabinet door. You can fasten a piece of wood to the back of the door where the handle is installing with wood carpenters TWP clamps. Measure the distance between the centers of the holes with the tape measure mounting the handle. Transfer of the measurement from the center of the hole in the cabinet. Mark the measurement with the pencil. Place the end of the tape measure on the side of the door near the second mounting mark and measure at 1 inch. Mark the measurement 1 inch above the previous mark to form the second cross mark.

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And then, drill the second hole just like the first one did. Open the new cabinet door and remove the block of wood, if it is fastened on the back. Insert the mounting screws into the back of the cabinet door. Place the handle on the face of the cabinet door by aligning the ends of the screws with the mounting holes on the handle. Tighten the screws with a Phillips screwdriver until the handle is flush with the surface of the door. Repeat the process for the doors of the remaining cabinets. You can also trace the holes in a piece of paper before installing the first handle and use the paper as a template from here to there the remaining handles.

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