Ideas for Build Wooden Magazine Rack


Wooden magazine rack – Whether you need a place to store books and photos of the family or to display collectibles, an easy to accumulate wooden magazine rack should be a welcome addition to your home. Wooden shelves can be constructed from different types of wood, ranging from plywood to hardwood. This means that there is a wooden bookcase for all tastes and the budget out there. Best of all, you do not need to be an experienced carpenter to add this versatile and beautiful weekend project to your home. And then choose where your shelf will be located and what dimensions you want, using the measuring tape. Draw a rough picture of the bookshelf to help imagine its size and location.

Use the table saw to cut the wooden sheets in the frame. Cut two side panels, the top panel and as many shelves as you will need for the interior. Using the dimensions you have selected when planning your shelf unit. Leave extra space on all panels, and use the miter saw to cut the sides with precision. A miter saw will make clean cuts that a table saw, taking into account the ease of assembly.  And then place the side panels on a flat surface next to each other with the top and bottom discharge parts. Nail a piece of waste wood against the top and bottom of the two panels to prevent them from moving. Then use a long T-square to draw a line through the two panels at once, at the location you want a shelf.

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A painted wooden magazine rack can draw attention to your collection and complement the artistic union of your most precious monographs. Unfortunately, the poor quality of the paint can be detached and the transfer of pigment to the books. The choice of top quality paint and finish of the shelving with varnish is essential for aesthetic and preservation purposes. Vacuum the shelf thoroughly, paying special attention to the inside corners, to remove large particles of dust and debris. Wipe the entire rack with an antistatic cloth to remove the finest dust particles. Then remove the existing paint or finish with a commercial remover of your choice. Follow the instructions on the package to remove the finished bare wood as much as possible. Sand any paint, finish or remaining stain, starting with coarse-grained sandpaper and working for finer grains. If the library is already untreated

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