Ideal Bleach on Hardwood Floors Technique You Have To Know


The bleach on hardwood floors technique must be carried out with great care and safety. Since elements that are somewhat corrosive. And reach very high temperatures are used. Before applying any product with a brush, we must sand with coarse sandpaper the area to be bleached, clean the remains and proceed to the application. The most used way in restoration to whiten is the one that uses the mixture of oxygenated water of strong concentration. The one of 110 of volume will be sufficient, with a few spoonful of baking soda. This mixture will be made in a tin or container that can withstand the heat. Because the product will react in five or ten minutes, heating at very high temperatures. The time that the mixture stays warm is just what we have to apply it, cold is not effective.

To carry out this work, we must take several measures of protection, both in clothing. Thick gloves, mask and goggles, and ventilation: exterior or a well-ventilated area. The product continues in effervescence several days after its application. So you have to leave the furniture in that ventilated place for a week and if we touch it, let it be with gloves. The above is a homemade method that replaces the classic bleach on hardwood floors that is sold already prepare in hardware stores. And that is also acidic so the same precautions must be follow. It is applied in the same way. Pure bleach also whitens wood, though less noticeably. It is an option with which we will be more familiar. It can also be bleached with chlorine. Common, traditional bleaches such as calcium chloride are used.

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These products are very corrosive and have the disadvantage that if a chlorine-bleached area is exposed to the sun. It can turn yellowish and disfigure the furniture. The caustic soda dissolved in water also whitens. The more concentrate the better. It is also applied with a brush. And it is necessary to use industrial gloves as the soda burns. There are less strong products to whiten. This is the case of oxalic acid, which dissolves in water and is more effective if it is hot and concentrate. This liquid is less effective than oxygenated water. But for beginners it is the best option. Once the ideal bleach on hardwood floors is achieve. Let it dry and when a couple of days pass, we sand again with a fine sandpaper and we can now give the shine, varnish or lacquer we want.

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