How to Make Wooden Shadow Box


Wooden shadow box is first to determine the rolling device you want to use. Some do not require a big difference between the opening for the box and the box itself. One of the most common systems used is known as the “KV”, which is a term used for a rail and rolling system. Trademarks are different, but the system is basic and requires the draw box to be a 1/16 inch narrower than the opening.


Duke saw the fence at 3½ inches. Rip as many pieces as needed for the number of drawers you build. Wooden shadow box with dividers is 19 inches deep. This size is for the two sides and one front. The back of the box is another height. Duke saw the fence at 3 inches. Rip as many pieces as needed for the back of the drawers. Cut as many pages of length as needed. Then cut as many fronts and backs as needed. Remember they fit between the pages. For each box, you should have two sides and a front of 3½-inch material and one back from 3-inch material. Cut a few extra pages checking measurements and mistakes.

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Duke saw the fence ½ inch on the left side of the blade. Lower the blade ¼-inch in height. Cut a score in all 3½-inch pieces. Be sure to keep enough pressure on them to make the track the same deep all the way down the material. This is the first half of the box for the bottom box. Wooden shadow box shelves for more detailed information about cutting the tracks. Move the table saw the fence closer to the blade with a blade width. Check this with a piece of material that has a groove in it by pressing it on the blade at the new measurement. The goal is to create a ¼-inch groove for the box bottom. When you cut the other half of the track, check it out by inserting a piece of ¼-inch plywood into the track.

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Adjust if necessary and cut the other half of the groove into all 3½-inch material. Duke saw the fence of the measurement for the pages minus ¼ inch. Cut ¼ inch plywood over the grain. Cut as many pieces as needed for the bottom of the box. To get the width of each box bottom, measure the front piece and add 7/16 inch to it. Glue to the ends of the fronts, place them between the sides and secure them with the box nails. Be sure the tracks are stepped up. Insert the box bottom into the grooves. Glue to the ends and a long side back and secure it between the sides. Attach the bottom to the back. Attach the box fronts to the boxes.

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