How to Make Live Edge bar Top


Live edge bar top is an excellent complement to all the rooms in a home where guests entertained — adding a look and feel of conviviality that are sure to make the guests feel comfortable. Regular wear like the matte finish of a wooden bar. Painting your wooden bar will revitalize the look and feel of your home.


How to Refinish a Wooden Bar

Remove the original target from the surface of the live edge bar top DIY by applying the chemical stripper with a brush. Wait for the manufacturer’s recommended time until stripping scales the original finish. Scale the old finish from the surface of a wooden bar with flap. Use steel wool to scrub away difficult or difficult areas in the original finish. Grind the entire surface of wood bar with 150-grit sandpaper until you have removed the last pieces of the original finish. Grind the wood with 220-slip paper to create a smooth wood finish for finishing.

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Apply a thick layer of slip sealer with a clean brush to a live edge bar table. Allow the sealer to completely dry and sand the rib again with 220-grit sandpaper to smooth the surface of the wood. Brush the initial weapon stain on the surface of the wooden bar. Work slowly because you apply the stain evenly. Apply additional layers of bets to create a surface dark enough to suit you. Apply a thin layer of polyurethane throughout the surface of a wooden bar to protect the bar from moisture and dirt. Let this initial coat dry, then sand the bar with 220-grit sandpaper. Apply two layers of polyurethane and sand between the applications of these rocks.

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Now it’s time to place at the top of the bar. Once in place, fasten it on the outer edge of your bar with 1-1 / 2-inch wood screws. Make sure the top is secure. You now have a peak on your bar; the only things to decide are how to do it quite. Find some attractive trim for the pages; maybe use black screws and washers to keep the rails on the bar top. You can tile it, laminate it or paint it. There are millions of different ways to take the bar top you’ve made and make it special. Good luck and happy hobnobbing.

Tips and warnings

When sanding makes sure the sand is full of wood. Work slowly with filler to avoid damage to the surface of the wood. Apply long-even polyurethane to create a perfect finish. Work in an area that is well ventilated. Use protective coatings on your hands, eyes, mouth and nose.

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