How to DIY Wood Furniture Projects at Home


DIY Wood Furniture Projects – With use, wood furniture paint is becoming a trend and furniture looks old and worn. Even the structure of furniture wood has remained intact for years, only the repainting process needs to look like new. Painting home furniture is not a difficult process and you can do it yourself by following the suggestions below.

Tools and Materials Needed for Work, Brushes, Foam Rollers, Sand Paper, Putty Wood, Wood Filler Knives, Paint-Primer, Paint, Lacquer or Sealant (optional), Face Mask, and Gloves.

Preparing Home Furniture for the Painting Process

Choose a well-ventilated place and use cloth or plastic sheets to place furniture on it. Clean the furniture and fill the area that is knitted, uneven and scratched with filler wood. Apply wood filler and clean it excessively with filler knife. Also use wood fillers in the joints for strong mounting. When the wood filler is dried, use sand paper to get a smoother surface. Now clean the furniture well with liquid and then with a lint-free cloth.

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Using Paint-Primer before Painting

Primers are useful for making layers of paint to stick evenly to the wood and to get a durable paint. Without primer, the paint peels after a few months or a year. Use a paint brush on the corners and edges and rollers on a flat surface to apply primer. Don’t worry for even the primary application; it will be fixed in the next step. When the primer has dried, sand with fine sand paper and then cleans the sawdust.

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Painting Home Furniture

Now the furniture is ready to apply paint. Use foam rollers on a flat surface and then paint brush on an uneven surface and where the rollers cannot reach. Use paint conditioner to slow the drying edge of the paint. This helps make the paint layer evener. Apply a second coat of paint if necessary and let it dry.

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Sealant or Lacquer

Even though you’re done, but for a sparkling appearance, you might want to use paint-sealants at this final stage. This protects furniture from scratches and adds gloss to it. Again, allow the lacquer to dry before removing the furniture.

Security Measures

For personal safety, use a good quality face mask to prevent the harmful effects of paint-chemical fumes. Carry out all these paintings in a well-ventilated and radiant place. Use full gloves and cloth to protect the skin from the effects of toxic chemicals.

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