How to Design Wooden Corner Cabinet


Wooden corner cabinet provides space for storing many types of objects in a decorative way. Design includes many types of shelves and doors. Think about how the device will be used and what it will appear when you create your cabinet. Also decides if you want the cabinet to be a focal point or one of several parts of the room.


Take a closer look at the corner where you want to place the solid wood corner cabinet and measure the area. Stretch a tape measure from wall to wall in corner. Check for wall switches, lights and electrical plug-ins that might be in the way. Make sure that the cabinet will not cover any valves flooring. Determine how you want the cabinet to fit aesthetically in the room. For example, consider an oak cabinet if you have an oak wood floor or an unfinished cabinet if you want to paint it black or white to match the floor tiles. If the room is formal, consider placing a cabinet with the list and the glass door. Prioritize stability. A corner cabinet can fall over lighter than a rectangular cabinet, as it does not have much stability. Consider attaching the cabinet to the wall to keep it from falling over.

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Visit furniture stores to check options that you may not have thought. Look at short cabinets that can be stacked. Consider different types of glass doors, as well as the possibility of having no doors at all. Check out different trim, even those you can add yourself, such as woodcarvings. Determine the number of shelves you want for your tall corner cabinets. Draw them on ¾ inch plywood and cut them out. Space the shelves as desired and attach them to the side panels with a ¼ inch screws. Measure and cut two 1-by-2 inch solid wood pieces for the height of the frame and grind one edge at a 45 degree angle. Place the shelves on the cabinet to ensure a good fit. Measure the space between them and cut two pieces of one-of-two inches at the top and bottom of the cabinet frame.

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Tips and warnings

Drive nails only to the surface of the frame. Use a nail set to drive them under the surface of the frame. Always wear safety goggles. If you want to add a door, cut a piece of ¾ inch plywood that is ¾ inch bigger than the frame opening (width and height). Attach the door to the frame with hinges. Use support block when it hangs in the cabinet on the wall. Do not raise the table saw blade higher than you need for the cut.

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