How to Cover DIY Cabinet Doors


DIY cabinet doors and you want to renovate them, you should decide how to do that partly by considering what kind of coating is currently on the doors. If the doors are laminated, then painting or dyeing is not an option. One possibility is to place new tabs over existing laminates. Self-adhesive veneer comes in sheets of paper backing that peel off to reveal the glue. Make sure the sheets you buy are large enough to completely cover the face of the door and then some.


Remove the fitting inset cabinet doors from the cabinet, using your screwdriver to remove the hinges. Put them on a workbench. Sand the surface of the doors with grinding machine. Do not attempt to erase the existing tabs; just get it boring and flat, remove shine. Measure the door in both directions. Transfer measurement for a piece of tabs. Add an inch around. Mark the incision with your pen and square on the back of tabs, over paper backing. Cut tabs with your user blade, cut through paper backing and deep scoring tabs. Break off the cuts. Pull the paper out of the veneer and press it immediately to the door, leaving an inch around. Tighten it firmly with the heel of the palms at different points.

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Wrap a wooden stick in a dishtowel and run it properly over the surface of the tab to completely secure it to the door. Trim off the overhanging edges with your knife, cut along the edges of the door to get it straight. Repeat for each door. Leave the veneer set for a day, then reinstall the doors. Paint replacing cabinet doors DIY with paint intended for the material they are made. Paint a solid color as a base coat and use templates to add patterns or landscapes to the top. Use templates to create a design – such as finishing ivy or rolling down the slats.

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Paint only designs along the edges or in the corners of mirrored decorative wardrobe doors, using glass color. Another option would be to use a glass of icing or etching kit. Change the usual steering wheel with decorative ones to immediately dress up the closet doors. Decorative hang hooks on the front to display colorful clothes or other fashion accessories. Put a drawbar in front of the wardrobe to hang the curtains if you do not want to paint the doors. Another option is to apply moving decals that can be easily replaced with different images as your interior design style changes.

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