How to Building Bird House Plans


Bird house plans to attract a variety of birds to your home, you should equip your garden with all the amenities a bird may need. A comfortable bird sanctuary will provide a convenient place for nesting, and may have the added benefit of dragging your favorite friends from less desirable breeding areas, such as your chimney or gutter. Add a feeder and bird bath, and your home will be an attractive area for all types of birds.


Drill a hole in the middle of one of the 7-by-7 bit plywood using 1-inch whole saw attachment and drill. Decorative bird house plans will be the entrance and exit of bird cavity. Rotate bit plywood with the entrance whole so that it looks like a diamond instead of a square. Create a small whole half inch below the entrance hole using ¼-inch drill and drill. This hole will be used to position the plug rod as a perch. Squirt glue on the two upper edges of a piece with the entrance hole. Place one of the 8-by-8 pieces on the glue to half the bird cavity ceiling. The upper edge should be at even height with the upper corner of the front piece, while the lower edge creates a 1-inch overhang.

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The front side of this play should hang 1/2 inches above the face of the house. Repeat this step with the other 8-by-8-piece piece on the other upper edge, but apply glue to the top edge of the first roof piece and place the other bit so that its end is level with the surface of the first part. Place a line of glue on two of the edges of another 7-to-7-bit plywood in the same way as the front piece. This will be the back of bird cavity. Secure this piece to the opposite end of the ceiling, 2/1 inch from the edge so that this side has the same overhang as the front. Align the bottom four edges of the bird cavity with glue.

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Place one of the remaining pieces of bluebird bird house plans so that it is level with both the front and rear parts of the bird cavity. Repeat for the last bit on the other side of the bottom. This will create a closed cube. Hammer three pins in each piece of wood where it comes into contact with another piece of wood. This will strengthen the structure. Paint the birdhouse, if desired. Paint the wooden stick as well, before securing it in the house. Allow the piece to dry overnight before proceeding. Spread drop glue around the bottom 1/2 inch of the wooden stick rod. Stick the glued end into the hole under the entrance hole. Allow the glue to dry for at least 24 hours before placing the bird cavity outside.

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