Homemade Wood Lathe Projects


Wood lathe projects make carving symmetrical woodworking projects possible. You can turn everything from a baseball tree to candlesticks to table legs with a wooden lathe. With less and cheaper wood lathes available, the popularity of wood carving has increased. Pen lathes are small enough to rest on a workbench, yet big enough to work on medium-sized projects. Even beginner carvers can produce precision pieces on a wooden lathe. With practice, fine patterns and cutting work are possible.


Select the forest for the project that is the right size and have no cracks or splits. Measure both ends of your wood spindle to find the exact center. If you plan to cut specific patterns in parts of a wood lathe, mark those places with a pen so that you have an indicator of where to place your tools as you work later. Fit the wood between the centers and turn it up properly. Place the tool rest near the forest. Make sure you have enough exit so that the work will not hit the rest. Turn on the turning blade. Use your tools to shape wood as desired.

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Start with the chisel, which is a type of chisel with a round hollow nose used to make coarse cuts. When wood is in the general shape desired, use skew straightening iron for leveling and shaping shoulder and spear and round nose chisels to make cuts last. When the wood is cut, lightly sand the wood by gently rubbing sandpaper to the top of the wood. Keep sandpaper and hands away from the machine. Turn off the blade. Remove from the turning shaft. This lathe project is fun for apprentices all the way to master the wood answering machine. The bucket is made of two different pieces of wood, enabling the use of different grinding techniques.

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Homemade lathe Project

Rotating wood is the art of using a wood lathe parts and functions to turn a square piece of wood into a beautiful curved finished wood masterpiece. Some masters concentrate their talents on furniture, while others master the art of creating wooden toys, writing pens or wooden dining furniture. Although wooden lathe has been in use for generations, wood turning did not become a true art form until the mid-20. Hardwood clips work well to turn a wooden lid on the turning shaft. Start this project with a wooden plot that measures 2 of 3 inches. Turn the block until it becomes egg-shaped before in the sensitive blade. Because this project is extra small, take light, small wounds to avoid making deep crashes or cracks in the wood. Finish with a hard acrylic or epoxy coating for extra durability.

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