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Hidden compartment furniture – There are really original and practical furniture for the home, some are almost gone from retailers. But if they adapt to the style of our house many can be frankly useful. For example, in the bathroom, between cosmetics, toiletries and others are. Many small items that we need to keep and although the drawers and shelves are fine. It is sometimes difficult to keep them organized after several days of continuous use. Furniture designers tend to create items with as many utilities as possible. For those who think that they have just begun to create modular and high design furniture, they will be able to verify that they make an error.

Since in the 18th century much better furniture has been created. Abraham and David Roentgen were a duo of German carpenters, and father and son. They lived in the 18th century and were famous throughout Europe for their inspiring and complex creations. Which combine hidden compartment furniture designs, automatic drawers and advanced mechanisms, all encapsulated in a spectacular wooden design. The modular secret of Berlin, this piece of furniture is considered by many to be the most famous creations of the Roentgen family. This cabinet was designed for Freidrich Wilhelm II, King of Prussia.

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Inside it hide many secret compartments that can be opened at the push of a button. And in a way you would never have imagined. The upper part of the cabinet contains a clock decorated in gold. However, one solution to accommodate what you need when living small is to invest in furniture that has more features. To use furniture that has multiple functions or at least can be made smaller / packed away / altered as required when they are not in use can be a good solution in small rooms and compact housing. Hidden compartment coffee table could hide the root and make the room less crowded.

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Beds that also have drawers below will work the same way. Buy a relatively small dining table that can be pulled out if needed, but that will not steal your room daily. Also set on chairs that can be stacked. Place large furniture and objects up to a wall. This will make it feel like the room is divided. Also avoid placing furniture in zones where it is natural to move between rooms / things. Such as between the couch and TV or where you move around the dining area. Seeing the floor between furniture makes the room appear bigger and more open.

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